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Our mission
is balance

Our mission

is balance

Empowering you to live a balanced life in a digital world

As a society, we are more “connected” than ever before. But, this comes with some downside. Our brains are so over-stimulated by “digital dopamine” that we have a hard time being present, and enjoying the real world. Most of us are addicted to our phones.

Think of Roots as your friendly accountability partner. We're here to help you find balance with your phone. We create an experience backed by science that feels good so you can make a lasting change.

Set boundaries with your phone and unlock more time for what matters

Our guiding principles when building Roots


Simplicity in user experience, free from complexities


Visual language and tone that feels friendly and supportive


Conveying a sense of playfulness with design and details

The research is clear that phone addiction is real

Record high average daily usage

4+ hours

Daily screen time


Daily phone pickups

2 500+

Digital dopamine hits

Mental health problems spiked the year of the iPhone

Digital downtime makes a big difference

Smartphone addiction is linked with mental health problems

More phone usage is correlated with physical health problems

Meet the team behind Roots

We are a small team, united by a big vision



Founder, CEO

A few years ago I reached a point of burnout while working on a previous startup. I started making small changes and began a personal journey towards better balance (still a work in progress!). This created a strong desire to build something that could positively impact the daily lives of others — which led to the creation of Roots



Co-founder, Head of Design

I used to work for big agencies and Fortune 500 companies such as Netflix, Google and Samsung, but I realized that what truly makes me passionate is creating things with meaningful purposes that makes a big impact – and Roots is exactly that



Co-founder, Head of User Experience

When we pay complete attention to the present moment, you will realize that your mind becomes completely empty. If you stay there, you will discover a space within that is silent, peaceful & joyous. It's more than you ever needed, it's who you truly are. But, put that phone down first :)



Co-founder, Head of Development

Exploring the adventures of our beautiful world makes me feel alive. On the other hand, building useful mobile apps is my passion—it feels like play to me. Roots combines these two aspects, offering a chance to change the world for the better. I love it.

It's all about going back to our Roots

There was a time in the not-so-distant past when we were all more connected to the physical world. Most of our time on this planet has been spent without screens. Things have changed rapidly in the last few decades, and now we find ourselves spending more time with our phones and devices than with anyone or anything else.

We like to think of building a better relationship with technology — being more present, reconnecting with nature, and making time for things that happen offscreen — as going back to our Roots.

Of course, technology is here to stay, and can be an incredibly valuable tool. Our goal is to help find better balance, together.