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Made for you
and your life

See how Roots can help you find better balance, no matter what situation you are in


Boost productivity

Minimize distractions, focus on important
tasks, and achieve your goals

Tyler Ziton

Austin. TX

I was spending 5.5 hours a day mindlessly scrolling on my phone. I tried ‘Monk Mode’ on Roots and 2 weeks later my screen time is under 2 hours a day. I finally feel caught up and not constantly behind

Distracting apps

1h app limit


15m app limit

Work focus

9am-5pm app downtime


Unlock more time

Free up time for hobbies, exercise, and quality time with loved ones

Ron Davidson

Orlando, FL

I was averaging 4 hrs per day before Roots and now I'm down to 30 minutes. I swapped screen time for reading and time with my family. Roots has been the first thing I've tried that actually works


20m app limit

Social Media

1h app category limit

Family time

5-9pm app downtime


Improve your wellbeing

Reduce stress, connect with nature,
and embrace mindfulness

Camille Sanders

Atlanta, GA

Before Roots, I found myself mindlessly scrolling for hours in my feed. I wasn’t completing my goals and was self-isolating. Roots helps me be present, accomplish my goals, and reconnect with others.


30m app limit

Social media

2h app category limit

Calm morning

6-9am app downtime


Strengthen relationships

Be present with family and friends, foster deeper connections, and create more memories

Susie Ade

Atlanta, GA

I love spending time with my daughter and husband after work. However, Facebook always pulls me back in. I set a daily limit and it has given me hours of my life back. No more senseless scrolling.


20m app limit

Kids playtime

4-6pm app downtime

Family dinner

6-8pm app downtime


Get better sleep

Establish better bedtime routines,
and avoid late-night screen time

Nicole Jarvis

Atlanta, GA

I've finally found a reliable way to limit my daily phone usage. After years of finding myself scrolling Instagram at 3am, Roots helps me keep firm boundaries and focus on getting a full night's sleep


30m app category limit

Social Media

2h app category limit


9pm-9am app downtime

Who Roots can help

See how Roots can help you find better balance, no matter who you are or what your needs are



Increase productivity and get things done



Be present with kids and set a good example



Stay focussed on studying, instead of scrolling


Remote workers

Create balance between work and personal life


Health Enthusiasts

Prioritize mental and physical health



Be present in your relationship

...and more